Dewalt dw735


Thickness Planer Reviews

This post will specifically review the Dewalt dw735 planer.

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When I was adding a planer to my shop, I found the decision on which planer to buy difficult.  Which brand, what features did I need, was it really worth it?

As a 20 year plus woodworker, I will try and share some of my experiences and what I found out about planers.

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Dewalt dw735

Is this the right planer for you?


This planer is Dewalts top of the line model.  It will fit anywhere from the serious woodworkers garage to a small cabinet shop.


But you’re considering a dewalt planer you’re probably wondering what’s the difference between the Dewalt dw734 and the Dewalt dw735?


Good question.  Click the link to see my Dewalt dw734 review here.


The 735 is designed with a little more solid materials.  Like all Dewalt tools its well built and well made.


But the biggest difference is that it has two speeds.  I really think of it as one speed for softwoods, one for hardwoods.  This feature can come in really handy if you seem to be having trouble with a specific piece of wood.  Just switch speeds and more times than not what ever issues you were having will go away.


Many people use the different speeds like using a finer grit of sandpaper.  If used in this way, a lot of sanding is eliminated.


Another difference is that this is one of the widest planers in the price range.  It’s 13 inches wide and the 734 is 12 ½.  The Makita is 12.  I don’t think most people ever cut over 12 inches but think through how you’ll use the machine before you buy.


Dewalt also makes the dw735x.  This machine is the same planer as the 735 except the ‘x’ is for extra blades and longer extension tables.  If you cut longer boards the longer infeed and outfeed table will be well used.

Weight and Noise

Planers, by the way are some of the loudest tools in the shop.  Although the Makita is a few decibels quieter, all the planers I reviewed are similar.  Unless you use planer all day, every day, probably not an issue.

As a portable planer it’s light enough to take to another location.  All are within a few pounds, but if you lug a planer around a lot, light weight is important.

How does it plane?

The motor is a step up from the 734.  It has 20,000rpm motor and 10,000 rpm cutting blades.  This gives the electrical motor more torque and provides less stress on the motor while cutting.  Ultimately, I think this will help make the motor last longer.

Everyone who I talked with says snipe is not an issue here.  The stock model comes with fairly long infeed and outfeed tables.  Although a couple of people have said they made even longer extension wings and thought that was a big help.

The extensions can be bought for about $45, but you could probably make something similar with scraps from around the shop.



The Dewalt dw735 uses three reversible, disposable blades.  I prefer this to reusable blades.  I have never been able to sharpen a reusable blade with any consistently.  To use a sharpening service is as much if not more than the replacements.


Some users, especially who purchased this planer a few years ago report significant snipe and short blade life.  Two years ago, Dewalt changed the angle of the blades. This seems to have fixed the problem.

Thickness planers can take a little time to get used to.  If this is your first planer, realize there is a slight learning curve.  As long as you are aware of this and set some different types of wood aside to practice, you’ll be fine with this planer and snipe will not be an issue.

I’m convinced if someone uses the right technique and doesn’t try and take too much wood off at each pass, snipe will be a non issue for almost any machine.

If you want to learn how to reduce and eliminate snipe see my article at Thickness Planer Reviews homepage.


I think this is a really good, durable model for a serious woodworker.  I would seriously consider the Dewalt dw735 if you see the value in the two speeds, wider cutting area and beefier construction and longer infeed and outfeed tables.

Here is a short video that shows the very basic use of the 735

Best Deals

I hope this review on the Dewalt dw735 has been helpful.  If you would like to read more reviews or purchase this planer, click the link below.  I have found that Amazon has the best prices, free shipping on this planer, and in most cases no sales tax.


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