Delta 22-590

Delta 22-590This post will specifically review the Delta 22-590 planer.

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When I was adding a planer to my shop, I found the decision on which planer to buy difficult.  Which brand, what features did I need, was it really worth it?

As a 20 year plus woodworker, I will try and share some of my experiences and what I found out about planers.

If you’re simply looking for the best place to purchase, I have found that Amazon has the best prices and usually includes free shipping on their router tables.

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Delta 22-590

Is this the right planer for you?

If you’re a serious woodworker or even a dedicated weekend shop guy, this is the type of planer you’ll enjoy using and use often.

If you only do the occasional project a couple of times a year, this is an excellent planer, especially if you think you’ll grow into it, but the Delta tp305 is designed for this type of occasional use and is much cheaper.

Click the following link if you’d like to learn more about the Delta tp305

Back to the Delta 22-590 planer.  This is Delta’s top of the line consumer model.  The 22-590 replaces the 22-580, by the way.

This planer is comparable in price and function to the Dewalt dw734 and the Makita 2012nb. The Dewalt dw735 is slightly different in that it has a more powerful motor and 2 speeds.


The motor is 10,000 rpm’s of cutting speed.  That’s more than enough to cut soft and hard woods.  The board will come out of the machine smooth with only a light high grit sanding needed.


Another difference is that this is one of the widest planers in the price range.  It’s 13 inches wide and the 734 is 12 ½.  The Makita is 12.  I don’t think most people ever cut over 12 inches but think through how you’ll use the machine before you buy.

How does it plane?

delta 22-590In recent years all manufactures have worked hard to reduce and eliminate snipe in their machines.  I think delta has almost eliminated the issue with the 22-590.   Several test pieces of various wood varieties showed no snip at all.

I think one of the reasons for this is that the tables are the longest in the class. This stabilizes the wood and I don’t have to hold it from tipping off the table with a longer board.   I’m a big believer that the more stable the wood going into the planer and the less I am tempted to touch the wood, the better the final product.

I would still suggest you create some type of longer extension tables for longer boards.  Boards under three feet and you’ll probably be fine with the stock tables.

Regarding dept of cut adjustment, half turns for softwoods and quarter turns for dept adjustment seem to work the best for me.

All and all it cuts well and with little or no snipe.

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The Delta 22-590 uses three reversible, disposable blades.  I prefer this to reusable blades.  I have never been able to sharpen a reusable blade with any consistently.  To use a sharpening service is as much if not more than the replacements.

Weight and Noise

Planers, by the way are some of the loudest tools in the shop.  Although the Makita is a few decibels quieter, all the planers I reviewed are similar.  Unless you use planer all day, every day, probably not an issue.

As a portable planer it’s light enough to take to another location.  All are within a few pounds, but if you lug a planer around a lot, light weight is important.


Thickness planers can take a little time to get used to.  If this is your first planer, realize there is a slight learning curve.  As long as you are aware of this and set some different types of wood aside to practice, you’ll be fine with this planer and snipe will not be an issue.

I’m convinced if someone uses the right technique and doesn’t try and take too much wood off at each pass, snipe will be a non issue for almost any machine.


I really like this planer.  Most of the tools in my shop are delta tools.  I’ve always had pretty good luck with them.  When comparing this model to the Makita 2012nb and Dewalt dw 734, I wish I could tell you there is a clear cut favorite.

I think they are all excellent planers.  I think you’d be fine with either of the three.  It comes down to your own personal brand preference.

However, I would say that the Delta tp390 is a big step down and the Dewalt dw735 is a slight step up.

Here’s a basic video show how to use any planer

Best Deals

I hope this review on the Delta 22-590 has been helpful.  If you would like to read more reviews or purchase this planer, click the link below.  I have found that Amazon has the best prices, free shipping on this planer, and in most cases no sales tax.


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