Makita 2012nb

thickness planer reviewsThis post will specifically review the Makita 2012nb planer.

When I was adding a planer to my shop, I found the decision on which planer to buy difficult.

Which brand, what features did I need, was it really worth it?

As a 20 year plus woodworker, I will try and share some of my experiences and what I found out about the Makita 2012nb.


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If you’re simply looking for the best place to purchase, I have found that Amazon has the best prices and usually includes free shipping on their router tables.

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Makita 2012nb

Is this the right planer for you?

This is an excellent planer for a midrange user up to the serious woodworker. For its price, it does many of the things that industrial cabinet shop planers will do.

I’ve never been a fan of getting the lowest price tool because I’ll only use it for this one project or just “on occasion”. Inevitable, the times I have done that, I’ve immediately regretted my decision because I end up wanting a better tool.

That’s not the case with this planer. This planer not only will last, but also see you through many projects over the years.

Weight and Noise

Planers, by the way are some of the loudest tools in the shop. But this planer is quieter than comparable models. After cutting a few board feet, you’ll appreciate this feature.

If portability is important for you, this model is lighter than most other models. All are within a few pounds, but if you lug a planer around a lot, light weight is important.

How does it plane?

That’s really how you judge a planer isn’t it? First, this model has longer infeed and outfeed tables than comparable models. This is really helpful in eliminating snipe on longer boards.

The intera-loc system holds the cutting system really still to give you really smooth cuts.

The motor is strong and provides enough torque to cut even the most dense hardwoods.


The Makita 2012nb uses disposable blades. I prefer this to reusable blades. I have never been able to sharpen a reusable blade with any consistently. To use a sharpening service is as much if not more than the replacements.

The blades are fairly easy to remove and reinstall.


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Realize that you will have to buy a separate dust hood. Although this part doesn’t cost very much, realize that any planer creates a lot of dust and chips. I think this part is necessary.

The ole broom and dust pan collection system will obviously work for very infrequent use, but although this planer can be hooked up to a shop vac, it’s really intended to be used with a dust collection system.

If you only have a shop vac, no problem, just make sure you empty frequently and make sure all of you fittings are the right size. Adapters are easily available if needed.

This planer is 12 inches wide. Some others are a touch wider. I don’t think this is a limitation because really how often do you need to plane boards that wide? Just think through this before you buy.


I haven’t talked to a single person who has this planer and doesn’t like it. It’s lighter, quieter and similarly priced than the comparable Dewalt and Delta models. It ultimately does what a planer is supposed to do which is consistently plane wood without problems.

Here is a quick video on how easy it is to use any planer

Best Deals

I hope this review on the Makita 2012nb has been helpful. If you would like to read more reviews or purchase this planer, click the link below. I have found that Amazon has the best prices, free shipping on this planer, and in most cases no sales tax.

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